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Planning Tools and Articles
Countdown Checklist

Whether you have only a few weeks, or more than a year to plan, you can customize this checklist for your time-frame. Registered brides can add and remove items as needed.

  Budget App

Enter your total budget, and use this nifty app to allocate the money based on your priorities.

Planning Articles

We have over 85 articles and worksheets in the planning section. Registered brides may save notes in their personal organizer.


Registered brides may track your budget and spending; keep all your vendors' contact information in one place; save notes and compare vendors; and more.

For Attendants

Articles and information to help you to be an awesome attendant:

Guide to Being in Someone's Wedding Party
How to Be an Amazing Bridesmaid
Hosting The Bridal Shower
How to Be an Amazing Best Man
How to Be an Amazing Groomsman
The Bachelor Party
Giving a Toast

Party Game!

Bridal Shower Bingo

You can customize this game, and print unique cards to play "gift bingo" at the bridal shower.

For Vendors
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